Using the right technology plays a massive part in getting you the best possible results.

After extensive research and training, we invested in the medical grade Cutera XEO laser, which boats a multitude of wavelengths and applications, meaning we are able to offer you a variety of treatments - and the Cutera Genesis Plus Laser, which is perfect for the treatment of warts and verrucas.

Cutera is a global medical device company specializing in laser and energy-based aesthetic products. From non-invasive "no downtime" skin rejuvenation, vascular and laser hair removal procedures to fractional and ablative skin resurfacing, Cutera provides a comprehensive, clinically effective solution for any aesthetic practice.

Our advanced laser applications allows us to treat a full range of skin complaints.

IPL - 520-100nm Wavelength

Our LimeLight IPL system uses a broad spectrum of light, providing a range of chromophores (targets) for the light energy.

This green light IPL is excellent at targeting haemoglobin in small thread veins and diffuse redness in skin, and is also brilliant for treating pigmented lesions such as liver spots and sun damage, by targeting the melanin in the tissue.

Nd:YAG - 1064nm Wavelength

The Nd:YAG is a widely used wavelength for hair removal and vascular treatments due to the lower absorption of melanin (dark coloured pigment), meaning it is a much safer option for all skin colours, including skin types 4-6.

The light energy from the laser passes through the epidermis without damaging any tissue, providing an effective treatment for all skin types 1-6.

We have also obtained brilliant results by using the Nd:YAG to provide gentle skin rejuvenation.

The heightened haemoglobin absorption means treating skin conditions such as rosacea, uneven skin tones and birthmarks can be comfortable and effective.

YSGG - 2790nm Wavelength

This newly developed wavelength is a generation beyond the CO2 and Erbium lasers providing safe and effective ablative laser therapy, achieving the ideal balance of tissue ablation and coagulation - Providing patients with brilliant results and a shortened downtime.