The Science

By gently heating the skin to around 45 degrees centigrade, the heat from the laser will have an exfoliating effect on the stratum corneum (the upper most layer of the epidermis, mostly made up of dead skin cells waiting to shed), removing around 25% of the dead corneocytes and stimulating around 25% more living skin cells.

Reduction of the stratum corneum means facial products are far more effective, and make-up and cosmetics will sit better on the skin and even last longer as the products are not having to work their way through the dead skin cells.

The warmth from the laser will also stimulate cell renewal, so your new fresh skin will come through quicker, giving you a brighter, fresher and clearer complexion.

The Treatment

Laser Genesis is a non-evasive laser technology, which is a multi-purpose, all season, all skin type solution for overall skin health.

With Laser Genesis providing such effective treatment for so many common skin complaints, its a great treatment which can be used almost allover the body.

Cutera’s 1064 nm wavelength safely and gently heats the epidermis to promote collagen regrowth and cell renewal.

This will cause your skin to tighten and reduce pore size, reduce redness, minimize fine wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture.

What to Expect

Following an in-depth consultation with one of our laser therapists, and patch test will be carried out, to ensure you don't have any adverse reactions to the treatment.

When you return for your first treatment, your therapist will conduct a quick check of the patch test area, and screen for any recent sun exposure, new medication and other contraindications. After this, your treatment will begin.

Your treatment will take place in a bright, clean and airy clinic room, with your therapist ensuring you are comfortable and relaxed throughout.
Suitable For
-All Skin Types
-Enlarged Pores
-Fine Lines
-Dull or Sallow Looking Skin
Pre Treatment Advice
Do not expose the skin to UV light (sun exposure and/or the use of tanning beds) or self tanners for at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment.

Try to avoid moisturisers or perfumed products in the area 24 hours prior to your appointment.

If the treated area is often exposed, please apply an SPF 50 daily as a moisturiser, regardless of the weather.

Avoid heavy exfoliation, microdermabrasion or chemical peels for 2 weeks prior to your appointment.

Please inform your aesthetician of any complications or changes to your medication prior to your appointment
Post Treatment Advice
Do not apply pressure or hot water to the treated area within 48 hours of procedure.

SPF necessary whilst in sunlight, and facial moisturizers are advised to keep your skin healthy after the treatment.

Avoid heavy or strenuous exercise for 24 hours post treatment.

Avoid using heavily perfumed products in the treated area for around 24 hours post treatment

You are able to apply makeup immediately after the treatment if required – however we would advise staying make-up free for 24 hours if possible.
Treatment Costs
Price per treatment as follows. Discounts are offered on courses of treatments when purchased in advance.

One Treatment - £150
Two Treatments - £300
Four Treatments - £500
Six Treatments - £750
Before and After Images