The Science

Acne is notoriously difficult to treat, as there are so many influences that can trigger a breakout.

These influences include hormones, stress, unsuitable skin care, overactive sebaceous glands, a build up of bacteria or a slow rate of cell renewal.

While it may be difficult to control stress, and hormonal changes, we have developed a triangulation of treatments in order to best improve the condition of the skin, and reduce acne.

By firstly using an IPL 532nm wavelength we are able to remove a large amount of bacteria on the surface of the skin.

The high absorption of hemoglobin in this wavelength also allows us to target the diffuse redness in the skin.

While the skin is still warm, we then immediately use a ND:Yagh 1064 wavelength to inhibit the sebaceous activity and the production of excess oil.

The ND:Yag also stimulates collagen and cell renewal, meaning any sebaceous oil is less likely to become trapped under dead skin cells.

We also develop a specific skincare regime tailored to your skin type and needs. By using a high percentage of AlphaHydroxy Acids (AHA’s) in the skin regime we can provide a gentle chemical exfoliation and deep cleansing.

The Treatment

Acne, pimples, spots or zits can occur on anyone’s skin, regardless of ethnicity, sex, or age.

Acne is a skin condition in which the pores of the skin get clogged up with excessive oil and occurs when sebum (the oily chemical) is unable to pass from inside the skin where the sebaceous gland is located to the skin layer and the skin pore becomes clogged or the skin cells themselves grow in abundance and clog the pore.

As the sebum cannot then exit the skin, dead skin cells begin to pile up and bacteria begins to start growing.

This mixture of bacteria, excessive skin cells, and sebum results in skin inflammation and tenderness.

Eventually, the clogged skin pore, or hair follicle, may burst and a mixture of bacteria, skin cells, and bacteria is released and exits the skin.

What to Expect

Following an in-depth consultation with one of our laser therapists, and patch test will be carried out, to ensure you don't have any adverse reactions to the treatment.

When you return for your first treatment, your therapist will conduct a quick check of the patch test area, and screen for any recent sun exposure, new medication and other contraindications. After this, your treatment will begin.

Your treatment will take place in a bright, clean and airy clinic room, with your therapist ensuring you are comfortable and relaxed throughout.
Suitable For
-Papulopustular Rosacea
-Oily Skin
-Enlarged Pores
-Skin Type I-III
Pre Treatment Advice
Please do not expose the area to be treated to the sun, sun-beds or artificial tanning products 4 weeks prior to your treatment.

Please shave the area to be treated 24 hours prior to your treatment.

Avoid strongly chlorinated water for 24 hours prior to your treatment. Please inform your clinician about any changes in medication, as some medication can affect the treatment. (e.g photosensitizing drugs or anti-coagulants)

Please inform your clinician if there is a chance you may be pregnant.

Please do not apply moisturizers, perfumed products, or antiperspirant to the area to be treated for 24 hours prior to your treatment.
Post Treatment Advice
Avoid perfumed products and moisturizers for 24 hours post treatment.

Avoid saunas, baths, hot tubs and heavy exercise for 24 hours.

Avoid abrasive or chemical peels in the chosen treatment area for at least 7 days.

Drinking water and undertaking gentle exercise will aid the body’s lymphatic system in the clearing of the treated vessels and any bruising

Please do not expose the area to be treated to the sun; sun-beds for 4 weeks post treatment

If any blistering occurs in the treated area, please call the clinic to seek advice.
Treatment Costs